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Thank you for taking the time to learn about Green Health Holistic, its products and their Partners! We are a passionate group that grow, extract, and process for the wellness of our patients. We are the Michigan Compassionate clubs and Caregivers who care and Test!

We have been in the Medical Marijuana business for over a decade and have helped countless. We have seen and been told unbelievable stories(miracles) of this natural God given plant. Both CBD and THC testimonial’s and don’t forget about the 100 plus cannabinoids we know nothing about!? We have an Ailment, Organic Holistic Salve with the best of Aroma Therapy combined with our full spectrum organically grown CBD. Please try our TESTED ailment and healing salves and read our book: Cannabis 101 Drug, Medicine or Miracle? Testimonials and Facts. You can find us at the most caring Provisioning Centers in Central and Western Michigan and now our Full Spectrum CBD line is available on line!

We have a Patent Pending on our Ailment Organic Healing Salves and our Organic Extraction Process.

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